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Commercial Solar and Energy Management

How easy is it for your business to have its own solar power plant?

What do we do that other Solar PV businesses don’t. At Project Brainstorm we take the heat and sweat out of getting the best return from your investment in various forms of Renewable Energy applications not just Solar PV.

What also makes Project Brainstorm different to other solar installers is that we work for your business from the beginning to the end, from the initial analysis, design, financing, implementation and commissioning of your new energy system. We are Project Managers and Developers with broad experience in renewables and finance options for SME’s that we integrate in a step-by -step approach to your personal project. We manage the entire process on your behalf but keep you fully informed as it progresses.

It’s now easier and more cost effective than ever to have a specifically customised solution to meet your business’s energy needs. If you would like to own your own solar plant let us do all the hard work for you. We will inspect your site, analyse your energy profile and efficiency and tailor a system specific to your commercial needs, providing a high usage-to-generation ratio and maximising value and performance.

We also arrange all necessary engineering, Energex approvals, submit required paperwork and take care of installation.

Energy prices have risen 106% over ten years

Australia-wide energy prices have soared over the last decade whilst prices for solar PV have continued to plunge dramatically and in many instances are now cost competitive with energy supplied from the grid. The next dramatic price reductions are occurring now in the cost of storing this energy and it is expected 2016 will be the year that producing and storing of solar energy will allow SME’s to become self-reliant in generating and storing power from their own installed solar power plants.

Financing your new Solar PV System

Through our business alliance with Solar Energy & Finance we can provide quick and competitive finance options, tailor made to be compatible with the savings generated by your businesses’ individualised Solar/Renewable Energy System.

By financing the system and directly using the energy savings in this way at the end of the pre-determined pay back period you will own the Solar PV System, providing you with a free power source and the opportunity to sell excess back to the grid for a feed-in tariff where eligible.

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